Train and Race at the best venue in Miami

Bacardi Winter Series Regatta #2

The all new Bacardi Winter Series is promising to be a great event. The Flying Tiger 7.5 fleet will be in the water and ready for your bareboat regatta. Fly in, race, party and fly out - we make it easy (no clinic or onboard coaching).

Whats Included?: Your Flying Tiger 7.5, regatta entry, one design start, practice day on the friday before the race!

The second regatta are 2 days in duration with one practice day: No 2. January 18th-20th 2019. 

Our fleet of 10 Flying Tiger 7.5’s will be on hand and ready to go. Unlike our normal Regatta Experience Program, we provide you with a bareboat experience. We take care of the rigging, tuning, and docking so you can focus on your race.

Our Flying Tiger 7.5’s with square top mains and masthead asymmetrical spinnakers are fast, agile and fun. With a ballast to displacement ratio of over 50% they are extremely stable, and with huge cockpits, space to work is not a problem.

Our bareboat Regatta Experiences are available for US$2,999.00 per boat, with a deposit of just $1,000. This includes your regatta entry, your Flying Tiger 7.5, a support boat for your safety, and a one design fleet start at the event. 

For further information contact Connor Mackenzie at or call us at 1-800-825-8719, ext. 116 or call the office at 1-905-847-8000.