Ritika Khanna
Events Coordinator, Index Exchange
"I heard nothing but excellent things about the experience and how thrilled the group was with the experience! Your team was easy to work with and definitely provided our guests an experience they won’t forget!"
Dennis Mordhorst
I just can to recommend 1D Sailing to everyone who wants to start with sailing. We had an amazing day with Bryan and an absolute professional introduction into sailing! The boat was brand new and even some Gopro holders were in place. We were cruising between Toronto island and harbourfront with a spectacular view on the skyline. This trip really made our time in Toronto more than special! Bryan, you did a great job mate! We will come back and see you... that's for sure! Jutta says "hi" to you too! :-) Greeting from Germany and Norway!
Josef Fil
National One hits the nail on the head when it comes to teaching through doing. You never learn so fast as when you are thrown into a situation, have to be responsive, and are guided by experienced teachers. This great interactive setting catering to all experience levels, coupled with the Academy's proximity to Downtown living make it really convenient for individuals or companies looking for great value.
Bethany Cynthia
We organized a sailing adventure for a bachelorette party with 10 girls and it was everything we had hoped for and more!! Mike & Billy were excellent instructors and a lot of fun too.Thank you for the fantastic day!!
Terry Norton
Great 3 hour sail with instructor Dave. Easy teaching style meant that those who had not sailed before easily picked up the basics, and enjoyed it.

John A. Laurino
You probably are overwhelmed but I thought you’d like to know that despite my skepticism in being able to apply any of the Flying Tiger experience back to racing a 14’ gaff rigged Cat boat you can. Not so much from sail trim, but the principals of 1. Maintaining boat speed at all times, 2. Staying closer to the starting line, and being the leeward boat have all paid off in spades (Two firsts and one second out of three races so far).  Thanks go to Anson for being professionally relentless on keeping us focused on the fundamentals all week!