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Concentrating on the aspects that matter.

ad-001.jpgWe are a Transport Canada Recreational Boating School, acknowledged as meeting the standards expected in the best training programs .

ad-002.jpgAll of our training is facilitated by certified instructors with top notch sailing experience, providing focused, organized and stimulating training                                             sessions.

ad-008.jpgLearn in many different ways, including online programming. Our online lessons use the power of interactive examples and allow you to progress at your own pace.

ad-004.jpgAll training sessions are insured and safe! One of our top priorities is to ensure your safety at all times.

ad-005.jpgOur boats were carefully selected to provide the perfect adult sailing experience, while teaching every skill level in a safe, stable and comfortable environment.

ad-006.jpgWe offer sail training 7 days a week 8am -9pm each day, providing you the most flexibility.

ad-007.jpgWe are constantly expanding across Canada and currently have locations throughout Ontario.

National One Design Sailing Academy

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