Our Origins

The inception of 1D Sailing began with founder Dave Smith. In the late 1980s, in a quest to breathe new life into the sport of sailing, Smith introduced the concept of professional racing to the sport in an effort to give young sailors 'heros' to emulate. Smith partnered with sailors in building and hosting North America’s first ever professional sailing competition: the Ziploc Ultimate Yacht Race.   

It is from that passion that 1D Sailing was born. With a firm grip on the pinnacle of the marine industry Smith, along with a new team, are aiming to make the sport of sailing more accessible for all. Today 1D Sailing provides premium marine experiences throughout the United States.

The Advantages

Concentrating on the aspects that matter...

ad-002.jpgAll of our training is facilitated by certified instructors with top notch sailing experience, providing focused, organized and stimulating training sessions.

ad-008.jpgLearn in many different ways, including online programming. Our online lessons use the power of interactive examples and allow you to progress at your own pace.

ad-004.jpgAll training sessions are insured and safe! One of our top priorities is to ensure the safety of each participant at all times.

ad-005.jpgOur boats were carefully selected to provide a great sailing experience, while teaching every skill level in a safe, stable and comfortable environment.

Meet Dave 

Dave Smith - Founder

Dave is the mastermind behind this organization. He founded the business in 2013, with the goal to make sailing an accessible sport and to give young sailors role models to look up to throughout their careers. His many years of experience in the business world as well as in the world of sailing come together to make him the perfect candidate to make this company an incredible success. 

Outside of 1D, Dave has a past fit for a screenplay. He has run his own legal practice, founded the first international professional sailing league, appeared in movies beside the likes of Whoopi Goldberg, is a registered patent holder, has run a multi-national adsorbant padding business, all while spending 42 years happily married and raising three daughters.