1D Professional Onboard Coaching

National One Design Sailing Academy provides professional coaching on your boat.  Our professional coaches have years of boating experience in everything from small dinghys and speedboats to large sailing keelboats and motoryachts.   We match the right coach to your needs.

The 1D Coach Afloat program brings our professional coaches right on your boat.  Power or sail, cruiser or racer, we have an expert coach to help you improve your boating skills.

If you are new to boating or have a new boat you want help familiarizing yourself with, let one of our professional coaches get you up the curve faster.  


Whether powerboating or sailing, maneuvering under power, docking, anchoring and basic boat handling are the often the most challenging aspects of boating. the 1D coaching team are specifically selected for their experience and skills. Our coaches know how to make it look easy and will show you the tricks to maneuvering your vessel in tight quarters with ease. Call  today and we’ll send the perfect coach to meet your needs right to your boat.


Understanding vessel systems, charting, buoyage and other safe boating skills will help to ensure that you and your passengers will arrive back to port relaxed, happy and safe. Seamanship is at the core of the  1D Sailing Coach Afloat program. Our coaches will review your big picture boating needs together with your boats unique features. We’ll help you become comfortable with your boat so your on-water experiences are something you look forward to each time you go out.

Performance Sailing

Are you looking to get more from your boating experience? Tired of being average? Advanced boating competency takes you to the next level. Getting the most out of your sailboat starts with rig tuning and after advising you on your boat’s specific tuning specifications, our coaches will work with you to ensure you have a working knowledge of all your sails and go fast tools to be sure you can trim for speed.


Most sailors discover that joining a local club’s race program is a great way to increase their boats utilization. Many are intimidated in the begining and our Coach Afloat program helps get you around the buoys like a pro. Understanding starting strategy, crew mechanics, rules and tactics are fundamental concepts many new racers struggle to grasp. Our experienced coaches have years of racing tips to help make it easy for you;


Introducing Spinnakers

Flying Sails: Are you ready to introduce spinnakers to your crew? Symmetrical and/or Asymmetrical free flying sails are a great way to increase your sailing enjoyment. Sailing fast downwind or joining the spinnaker racing division will create a whole new dimension to your boating. The 1D Coach Afloat program will introduce you to the mechanics of spinnakers, triming tips and maneuvering with flying sails. No more wing on wing, in no time you’ll be flying spinnakers every time you go out.

Regatta Coaching

Event Coaching

Lets go racing! Looking for some help with your regatta program. 1D Coaches are available to join your race team for individual races, one day regattas or regatta series. We specialize in providing a coach that can help your team’s fordeck mechanics, your ‘go fast’ sail trim, race strategy and tactics. Our goal is to help you improve your overall performance.

National One Design Sailing Academy

Rates are per hour based on a 3 hour minimum plus HST.  Travel may be in addition to the hourly rate depending upon the location of the owner's boat and the proximity to one of our professional coaches.