Who is National One Design Sailing Academy Incorporated?

National One Design Sailing Academy Incorporated is a Federally Incorporated Canadian Company that is qualified to carry on the business of sail training and related activities throughout the Country and beyond it's borders. National One Design Sailing Academy Incorporated is sometimes referred to as 1DSailing. Occasionally you will also see us referred to as 1D Sailing Academy, One Design Sailing Academy, One Design Sailing Lessons and/or NODSA.  We don't just teach sailing.  We provide all kinds of marine education including small commercial vessel operation training, power boat training and more.  

Is 1D Sailing Transport Canada certified as an RBS (recreational boating school)?

Yes,  1D Sailing was the first school to participate in the new Transport Canada standard for Recreational Boating Schools [RBS] known as TP 15136 under the Canada Shipping Act.,  Under the new standard, any vessel where passengers are paying to be aboard, or where persons aboard are paid to be there, is determined to be a "non-pleasure" or commercial vessel.   In order to relief recreational boating schools from all of the extremely rigorous safety and operational standards set out for a commercial vessel in Canada's Shipping Act, schools may register as an RBS and thereafter comply with a moderated safety standard.  However, such participants in Canada's new RBS standard must carry their certificate onboard at all times for student passengers to review.  Failing to comply with the Canada Shipping Act has many repercussions [insurance may be invalid] and is illegal. 

Are the instructors qualified?

All of our sailing instructors are certified by their National, Provincial, and/or State Sailing Authority. In Canada, the instructors have passed rigorous examinations provided by SailCanada and by the appropriate provincial counterpart like Ontario Sailing Association (OSA) in Ontario. The examinations are specific to the courses taught and include lifesaving skills training.  In situations where 1D Sailing provides training and specialty experiences inside or outside of Canada not in connection with a national sailing authority, instructors, coaches and other professional assistants meet 1D Sailing's international standard that includes having significant industry credentials such as Olympians, World Champions and professional that have a long resume of experiences related to the instruction that they are providing.   Participants are encouraged to discuss their instructor's qualifications with them at any time.  

Are students provided with a certificate after the successful completion of the course?

Yes. National One Design Sailing Academy Incorporated is recognized as a Recreationala Boating School under TP15136  facility in Canada by Transport Canada and by SailCanada and Provincial Sailing Associations in each province where sailing instruction is provided. As such, we are qualified to teach and test students and to award certification to students for the successful completion of each level passed. Students will receive certificates may from National One Design Sailing Academy and from the appropriate governing body.  National One Design Sailing Academy also provides specialty boating education and clinics and successful participants are awarded with a certificate confirming successful participation in the program.

Are your instructors experienced?

Yes. All of our instructors have  passed rigorous testing and have been teaching boating and  sailing in qualified sail training courses for many years. In addition, they bring a wealth of knowledge from personal experiences sailing, racing (often internationally) and voyaging in many parts of the world. Together the 1DSailing instructors can answer almost any sailing question with a personal story.

Are you insured?

Yes. 1DSailing, its boats and its instructors are fully insured. Unlike other private sail training programs, since we only use use fully qualified and certified sail training instructors in our program, a number of unique insurance programs are available to us. Of course as a responsible business operation, 1DSailing carries several insurance policies from general liability to property damage, workers safety insurance (WSIB) and others. As our sailing instructors are each certified, they each have liability insurance underwritten through their National Sailing Authority [In Canada "SailCanada"] AND, unlike other private sail training programs, our boats fully comply with all commercial vessel requirements and are licensed and insured to carry student ["passengers for hire"]. It is our top priority to ensure that our students have the safest training environment of any program and we have the insurance to back it up.

Is 1DSailing more expensive than other programs?

No. The National One Design Sailing Academy has carefully researched the marketplace comparing other sail training programs as well as student trainee needs. 1DSailing designed its program to ensure that students needs are met while still remaining competitive with other programs. 1DSailing believes that learning to sail is a process whereby students obtain a secure foundation in the basics and proceed through more and more advanced levels. This takes time and must be accomplished through hours of hands on training. As a result, our program is longer, but when compared with other courses, our rates are frequently lower per hour of training.

What skills do I need to have before I take the course?

You must be generally in good physical health. Sailing and boat handling are physical activities that require certain basic physical abilities. Persons with all types of disabilities may nonetheless still be capable of participating and 1D Sailing strives to find the perfect environment that suits all students capabilities and needs. Otherwise, 1D Sailing's program assumes you have no advance skills. We will review every student's abilities  to ensure that each students needs and desires can and will be met in our program from beginner to the most advanced.

What personal equipment do I need to bring?

While 1D Sailing ensures that there are sufficient PFDs and Lifesaving devices aboard all of it's vessels, each student must provide their own personal floatation device (PFD) or lifejacket. There are a vast number of certified PFDs and each student should find a PFD that is suitably sized and as comfortable as possible. The Law of Canada requires that all requires that all students and instructors be wearing a Transport Canada approved PFD whenever the boat is underway. 1DSailing does have PFDs available for sale where a student chooses to buy from us. In our experience, the PFDs we sell provide proper floatation as well as flexibility and comfort when moving about the boat.

Is there any other personal equipment I should bring?

We recommend you purchase non marking boating shoes that are designed to provide superior traction on a wet boat deck. Some sailors like to wear sailing (fingerless) gloves that protect your hands from calluses that tend to develop from rope handling. Sunscreen and a good hat to provide protection from the sun is a good idea as well. Rain gear and a sweater might also be desirable and appropriate. We recommend you consult with us about purchasing any additional personal equipment. We are always available to advise on such things and we will help you to avoid spending unnecessarily.

Can I bring alcohol on the boat?

In Ontario, Canada, it is specifically illegal to have open alcohol during any sail training program and in addition, in most jurisdictions throughout Canada, it is illegal to have open alcohol at any time the boat is underway. Just like driving your car, operating a vessel under the influence of alcohol is dangerous and illegal. There are always plenty of social activities outside the sail training program where students will have an opportunity to interact and share a drink with one another if desired.

What happens in inclement weather?

Our courses will run regardless of the weather outside. We will make the decision about going out sailing based on the conditions at sailing time as well as weather forecasts. In the event that the decision is made not to sail, a shore based session will be held. Plan to meet, with your gear ready to sail at the dock.

What happens if I cant make all the lessons?

1D Sailing will make every attempt to provide a make up time. The more notice we have that you wont be able to make your lesson the better the chance of us finding someone to swap out with you. Remember that all of your teammates are counting on you to show up. Try not to miss a class.

Can I switch courses midstream?

1D Sailing will work to accommodate all our students needs.